Integration Engineer

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An Integration Engineer is a person that can fill many different roles with their expertise – a developer writing embedded applications, a test engineer developing tests in Python, an electrical engineer checking board schematics to find that one special pin and many more. A part of your time will be spent in these fields, the other part is where it will all come together - solving the issues that our users, embedded engineers from all around the world encounter while using iSYSTEM products.

Following is a real-life example so you can get an idea of what you'll be facing; a common scenario that requires knowledge of how embedded systems work, how our tools work and an investigative mind that will keep digging until a solution is found:

Customer's description of the issue:
I can download the application, I can step through the code and also run it but afterwards, I can't stop it. Do you have any ideas what might be wrong here? This is a new project, we recently migrated from STM32F1 to STM32F4, it was working before.

Integration engineer's train of thought:
It seems they're able to download, which means that the chip is working, no memory protection is active, no watchdogs resetting the CPU and preventing the download, we have a debug session established and the CPU is under our control. Good, let's go on. They can step through the application, so it's likely loaded to the correct memory location. Aha, they migrated from STM32F1 to STM32F4. Most of the times, people just copy the old project and use it with the new CPU, let's check that route...

Your profile:

  • Knowledge of the C programming language
  • Basic knowledge of embedded systems
  • Knowledge of Python scripting language
  • Electrical engineering knowledge a plus
  • Team worker
  • Active spoken and written English (expect to talk in English on the interview)
  • Active German a plus
  • Ability to work with customers (phone & email)


Send us your application with your CV to We are looking forward to get in contact with you!

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